Independent AML/CFT audit, advisory & consulting services.

Without the stress.

We help New Zealand (Aotearoa) businesses understand and meet their AML/CFT obligations across all industry sectors. We provide robust, cost-effective and seamless solutions.

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We’re proud to assist small to enterprise-scale businesses across all industry sectors

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why one aml?

We’re independent and fully qualified AML/CFT specialists.

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We've enabled over 1000+ reporting entities with their AML/CFT audit obligations by developing a best-in-class methodology and client experience after conducting extensive AML/CFT audit and consulting engagements for Big Four professional services firms and Fortune 500 companies.

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Our specialist team and tech-enabled processes are structured in a way to deliver robust yet cost-effective solutions.

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We provide comprehensive and easy-to-follow recommendations for addressing non-compliance or improving the overall robustness of your entire AML/CFT framework.

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We work with you in a collaborative and approachable way to ensure minimal intrusion to your clients and your business; you can focus on what you do best.

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what we do

Independent AML Audit – We make the independent AML/CFT audit process seamless and straightforward.

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Step 1: Plan

We conduct discussions with key compliance staff regarding the audit's structure, scope and timing.

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Step 2: Request

We perform desk-based or on-site reviews, depending on your preference. Our process involves testing, verifying records, reviewing systems and speaking to key stakeholders.

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Step 3: Analyse

We evaluate and analyse the information and document our findings and recommendations in accordance with the Act.

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Step 4: Report

We issue the report in draft form for your feedback and comments before presenting the finalised report with actionable, easy-to-follow recommendations.

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Step 5: Follow-up

If needed, we can assist with any advisory, remediation and/or implementation post-engagement.

AML/CFT Audit Packages

Internal Review
From $2,000

Internal review of your AML documentation with recommendations.

Internal Review +

Internal review of your AML documentation, including some operational testing of processes with recommendations.


Statutory independent AML/CFT audit, including operational testing of processes, findings and recommendations by way of a formal report.

Premium Audit

Statutory independent AML/CFT audit, including large operational testing of processes (scope tailored as needed) , findings and recommendations by way of a formal report and post-audit remediation review.

what we do

AML Consulting – Our consultants advise on all AML/CFT requirements and obligations, providing expert advice and recommendations.

We work with you to implement an effective AML/CFT risk assessment and programme, including policies, procedures and controls that are tailored and functional to your business. Or provide a template AML/CFT risk assessment, programme and a user guide so you can tailor it to your business.

In the complex world of financial operations, navigating AML regulations is crucial for maintaining compliance and safeguarding your business against regulatory risks. At One AML, we understand that each organisation faces unique challenges and requires specific, ad-hoc AML advice to effectively manage these risks. Talk to us today. 

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AML/CTF Consulting Packages


AML/CFT risk assessment and programme.

Consult +

AML/CFT risk assessment, programme and video guide for implementation into your business.

Consult Premium

AML/CFT risk assessment, programme, SAR, training, vetting, reporting registers and a video guide or personal walkthrough for implementation in your business.

AML/CFT Advisory Packages


Ad hoc AML advice.

Advisory +

AML hot line, AML advice, and an annual update to your AML/CFT risk assessment and programme.

Advisory Premium

AML hot line, AML advice, and an annual update to your AML/CFT risk assessment and programme. Tailored in-person or team AML training. Regulator and industry updates via news letter.